Exploring Aviation Careers

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Exploring Aviation Careers and Requirements
There are hundreds of employment opportunities available for those who are interested in working in the aviation industry. These can cover many fields of aviation including management, operations, logistics, maintenance, etc. Some of these fields require more training and education requirements than others, but all of them present plenty of room for growth and success.

As stated there are hundreds of careers in aviation. They include but are not limited to the following; Aerospace, Aircraft Manufacturing, Airline, Airport, Federal Government, In Flight, and State Government. Within these fields are jobs like; Aeronautical Scientist, Technicians, Aircraft Fueler, Flight Dispatcher, Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Management, ATC, Military Test Pilots, and other pilot opportunities. There are many others that generally get overlooked, but are essential to today’s general aviation operations.

My personal goal in life is to become a successful pilot in general. No specific limitations on where or how I want to work as of now, just pure optimism on being an important name in aviation. If I had to be more specific I would chose to be an Airline Captain. This is usually the ultimate job for pilots. The pay is good for an unstable economy like todays, and offers many perks and benefits for living. Of course this requires a considerable amount of training and preparation, but the outcome is most rewarding!

Top salary for captains can reach, as well as exceed, $200,000 a year for about 80 – 85 hours of flight time a month. The majority of airline pilots starts as a first officer and earn around $15,000 to $20,000 a year. From here pilots train and gain experience in-flight, which when built up, can open doors for better pay and flight opportunities. While the various kinds of piloting jobs require specific training for each one, pilots in general go through training that required for any flight operation.

There are two...
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