Explore the Ways That Texting Can Be Creative

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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‘The use of the imagination or originality’ is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines creativity. This reliable tome seems as a good a place as any to offer the starting point of my argument on what it means to be creative and how this is subsequently applied to web based interactions. The argument that I will be putting forward is that no only have web based interactions and texting become such a commodity, it is also educative. The youth, the homogenize a breath of people and generations, are told in their classrooms to follow Standard English, I believe that the musician Pink Floyd has it right when he said, “Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.”

The piece of language that is being analyzed is a conversation between two teenage girls. In a brief discourse many different feature make themselves present, I will be talking about four of them. The features noted are abbreviations/contractions, letter/number homophones, deviant spelling, initalism, reduplication of letters and phonetic spelling. Gender and age will also be scrutinized to justly evaluate the benefits of web based interactions and texting.

We the people are the masters of language, we dictate, and we shouldn’t be dictated by linguistic expectations. Even the words we have used as recently as the 30’s have developed, things are no longer ‘spiffing’ they are great. This example becomes even more exaggerated and apparent when we compare the language of Shakespearian England to today. If there had been a band of people to rally against the word ‘thy’ becoming ‘thee’ and then ultimately the word we know today ‘the’ then we would perhaps still have linguistic feet planted in the past. As is stands new words enter the dictionary every year. There is not argument when ‘copernicium’ enters the dictionary (a word so new the spell check on my computer doesn’t recognise) Language has words that fall out of usage and new words that come in. Language is another aspect of our culture, as fashion,...
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