Explore the Problems Behind Sexual Deviance, Violence, or Crime and Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Sociology Pages: 5 (2186 words) Published: July 22, 2010
Explore the Problems Behind Sexual Deviance, Violence, or Crime and Poverty

Poverty is defined as “a state in which income is insufficient to provide the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing and medical care (Lauer & Lauer pg 159).” More children live in poverty in the United States than in any other developed country (Parrillo, p. 192). How do the social institutions contribute to the problem of poverty? Also, how does poverty affect the basic rights and need of people? Is there a relationship between crime and poverty? During this paper I will try to explain some of these questions. Generally, poverty is blamed either on the person or the system. Several aspects such as education, poverty culture, family life and the system of capitalism give explanation as to why poverty exists in the U.S. One of the biggest misconception about poverty is that it rarely exist in the U.S. in 1964 poverty level was set at 3,000 dollars for a family of four, and in 2005 the poverty level was set at 19,806 (Lauer & Lauer pg 159). However, the US has a poverty rate that is strikingly high in comparison to other post industrial countries. According to official government figures, 11 percent of Americans live in poverty, and many experts consider the real poverty rate to be higher (Montiero and Silva, 3-4). Who is really affected by poverty? Single parent families that are headed by mothers are the most impoverished group in the nation (Lauer & Lauer pg 161). So what is the real problem? Is it the lack of money? Or is it something else that can’t be controlled? I think the reason there is poverty is because the poor refuse to accept that others can help their situation and they can often feel that no-one is able to help them, therefore poor people are going to stay poor if they do not accept help. This causes social reproduction, as the people born into poor families are never going to learn any different then every person will grow up to be the same as their parents etc (Canton 2005). There is a misconception that the unwillingness to work is a primary factor why people are poor. People losing their job or a disability are one of the biggest reasons why a person goes from a good life to a poor life. Due to certain circumstances one can live a perfect life and then all of a sudden it can change with the blink of an eye. It reminds me of a movie, where Dan Akroid and Eddie Murphy switch lives and one become rich and the other becomes poor just because two guys make a bet that they can turn anyone into a successful person. This is a great example of how a person cannot control everything in their lives and then all of a sudden they can become poor. Rational has been labeled as one of the factors of poverty in the U.S. because of research done by sociologist, Richard Herrnstein, who “argued that the poor have a lower intellectual capability than the non-poor, and that they marry other people of low intellectual, thus producing children of low intellectual capacity (p. 195, Parrillo).” Although, there is plenty of evidence refuting this finding many people tend to think of the poor as lacking the knowledge to attain and obtain a well paying job. It becomes an issue of stereotyping rather than stating the facts. For every story that you hear about someone that makes it out of the ghetto and become successful there are thousands that do not make it. Growing up I did not have everything that I wanted and with my mother being a single mother and living in a ghetto neighborhood and barely making it with the governments help. I had everything going against me, but my logical thinking helped me in not falling into the social reproduction of poverty. We lived on food stamps and in government housing for most of my childhood, I was not the only one a lot of my friends also lived in those conditions. To this date some of my friends still live in the same government housing and continue to barely make it. If it was not for the...
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