Explore One of These Themes Either Family, Heroism or the Underdog in the Story the Outsiders. Provide at Least 3 Excerpts from the Text as Evidence to Support Your Answer.

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Explore one of these themes either family, heroism or the underdog in the story The Outsiders. Provide at least 3 excerpts from the text as evidence to support your answer. Heroes are everywhere; they live the same neighborhood as us, and eat the same cereal as we do. We just sometimes too blunt to realize it. Their heroic actions might be small-like sticking up for a bullied kid and other time they can be great like saving people lives like Spider Man. But the thing about heroes is that they always come from some place that we would never expect to find them. Though not everyone is heroes, but everyone can be heroes. Being a hero is about the willingness to put someone else before them. In the novel Outsiders by S.E Hinton, Johnny might look like a being timid and fearful person, he is the guy who would acts with instant heroism to protect the innocent in times of need. That is what makes him a hero. Even though he is scared, he puts his fear and his own safety aside to defend others. ““You really killed him, huh, Johnny?” “Yeah” His voice quavered slightly. “I had to” They were drowning you Pony” They might have killed you. And they had a blade… they gonna beat me up…” “Like …”-I swallowed-“like they did before?” Johnny was quiet for a minute. “Yeah,” he said, “like they did before” ” Even though the author never did say anything about how scared and terrified Johnny was when he killed Bob, but he did save Ponyboy. Johnny gone through a lot, for his age, having his parent hate him, abuses him. Having his father whipped him till he has bruises and start bleeding, and having his mom yelling him and having the whole neighborhood to hear it, hurts a lot. Not only that he is targeted by the Socs because of his size and gets beaten badly. How can it get any worse? But he still is a caring guy for people he knows and doesn’t know. He is really down to Earth kind of guy. Always helping people, and willing to put his life on the line for sake...
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