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Topics: Photography, Season, Debut albums Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: March 21, 2011
In Units 3 & 4 of Studio Arts Photography, my sub theme that I have selected to do throughout the year is Nature & Fashion. These two themes are inspirational to me because nature is everywhere you go, it is with you eternally and taking photos of plants and fashion inspires me so much. I have chosen to do 4 sub-themes to go into my portfolio; Fashion – which I’ll be looking at accessories, Couture and Out-there fashion, Flowers – I’ll be captivating photo’s of different kinds of flowers and plants, such as roses, leaves and trees, beaches – the sand, birds/seagulls, water, sunrise and sunset, and the last sub-theme is the 4 seasons – Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. I have chosen Fashion as one of my sub-themes for the reason that I have loved fashion since I was little, and it would be superior for my portfolio to take some pictures of men and women in most modern and even past fashion. My photos would contain accessories such as glasses, bags, shoes and jewellery, Couture such as extreme designs of the past and present and out their fashion. My next sub-theme is flowers. I have chosen flowers as my next sub-theme because they are very beautiful to me and hopefully to the rest of the world. Flowers bring freshness to the place, romance, innocence and truth. In my photos, I would bring about the different types of flowers and plants and make it more captivating to viewers in my portfolio.

My next sub-theme I had elected to do is beaches. I have chosen beaches because I love the warm sand and the fresh water. I would be taking photos of people walking on the sand during sunset and when the water is calm. I would be taking photos of seagulls also on the sand and also soaring of the water. My final sub-theme is the four seasons, which I will be taking photos through the whole year. I have chosen the seasons, because we of all people go through it every year. It’s very inspirational to me because, every year I see the changes the world goes through. In my...
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