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Topics: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree, Master's degree Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: July 16, 2013
My education is my best and only way to make my life work right. I am now currently going to Valencia College working towards my Associate Degree in communications. My current major is Communication, although Broadcast Journalism is what I will most likely pursue for my Bachelor Degree. Communication/Broadcast Journalism is one of the most important careers today. Today, broadcasters are used in almost every aspect of our lives: radios, television, telephones, and the newspaper. The college that I plan to attend after I obtain my A.A. Degree at Valencia is the University Of South Florida (USF). Continuing my education is important and absolutely necessary to my personal as well as life-long career goals.

The university that I plan on attending after graduating from Valencia will be USF. When I transfer to the University of South Florida I will continue my degree and maintain working. Valencia is a great place to begin, but I feel to become successful in my career I need to graduate with a degree from a university. The University of South Florida has approximately 58,000 students and a total of 2,123 faculties which makes the ratio of student/faculty 19:1. As one of the nation's best universities, USF is a much diversify college. USF offers strong factors in drama/theater group, student-run newspaper, radio and television station, choral group, marching band, student government, campus activities board, USF ambassadors, student admissions representatives, national fraternities, national sororities. The university also offers many graduate programs leading to masters and doctoral degrees. USF is about 72 miles from my location in Kissimmee. USF provides on campus housing with a capacity of 1,948 students therefore I will be either living on campus or apartments close by. There are students that live in traditional-style halls, suite-style halls, apartment communities, and unique communities. The five aspects of this university that interest me are: late-night...
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