Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology
Inequality, Shared, Outrage, and Social Change

Kensheda Brown
Strayer University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for SOC-100
Professor Rachel Gridley M.S.W
July 24, 2012

Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology
Inequality, Shared, Outrage, and Social Change

In this article, the author pointed out issues such as inequality, along with outrage and social problems and changes. He claim that inequality is the cause of most profound social problems and is associated with reduced levels of physical and mental health, child well being and social mobility (Eidelson, 2011). Also in this article, the author believes that common outrage could change the system and anything that causes inequality. This article was base off an academic research. The work from this research was cited from social psychologists like Emma Thomas, Craig McGarty and Kenneth Mavor. Most of their work was on the collective moral outrage.

In this article, I learned that inequality is associated with levels of both mental and physical health. It’s about being unequal and that outrage broke down more boundaries for both in groups and out groups. Outrage over inequality can merge the direct victims of discrimination with those who find discrimination morally repugnant even though they themselves have not experienced it (Eidelson, 2011). Because of outrage, people that are struggling can find ways to make ends meet. People that feel they are better off, feels that it’s not right for anyone to go without things such as food, shelter, or healthcare.

When it comes to human suffering, shared outrage is not the only emotions that we experience, another reaction is compassion. Psychologists Paul Slovic, Ilana Ritov and Tehila Kogut suggest that part of the problem is that people tendency to experience compassion is quite limited in breadth. Psychological research from Adam Galinsky and Gerben van Kleef found that even...
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