Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

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  • Published : August 31, 2012
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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology



The article that I found in the Ebsco Host library was an article written by Katherine Walker and it is titled “Sociology of Emotions”. As I read the article, it gave off the impression that it was a previously researched article as it made multiple references to Sociology scholars that have established themselves in the field of Sociology and the topic at hand of Emotions. The author extensively tries to talk about every subject and then tries to tie a Sociology pioneer to that specific subject. she portrays the fact that every study of Sociology at some point has some sort of emotion attached to it and that different each emotions can arise and be separated into groups. There are regular emotions and emotions that can be attached to specific cultures. The article starts with a summary of emotions and the emotions are considered a subfield of Sociology in which it first gained prominence around the 1970’s. The author states that before that, the field of Sociology was concentrated more on cognition rather than emotions. The author also emphasizes how before, emotions were looked at as part of the field of Psychology but as more research has been established, more and more have come to the conclusion that emotions are of sociological interest because of the fact that they are a primary human motivation, they help in rational decision-making, and they link the biology of the body with classic sociological questions about social construction and social control (Walker, 2010). Another topic that the author comes into discussion is the main point of, What are emotions? It is explained as to how for every emotion there is some sort of effect either in the body or in the mind itself in which the emotion gets represented and shown for its true color. A good example is that when you get scared, your heart will begin to beat rapidly or when you are worried and the body starts to sweat. There is...
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