Exploration of the Digital World

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Exploration of the digital world
My chosen research topic is the natural dietary supplement Spirulina. Spirulina is a simple one-celled microscopic blue-green algae with the scientific name of “Arthrospira platensis”. It is grown in tropical, high salt alkaline waters where there is strong sunlight and a pollution free environment. The algae is harvested and spray dried and presents in a powder form for further processing. By volume Spirulina has unusually high concentrations of proteins, vitamins & minerals when compared to other plant and animal based nutritional sources, for this reason Spirulina has attracted growing interest from the health and beauty industries.

Researching A Small Cell With A Big Future
I began researching my topic on social media websites and choose to use Twitter and YouTube as my sources. I chose these two forms of social media because they present in two different formats, however, both rely on two key social media users to create content and those who argumentatively synthesis the ideas of others to keep the content relevant (creators and critics). Those who browse social media sites to spectate, collect & share can also gain information from these two sites. Throughout my exploration of the various sites, I have gathered vast amounts of information and opinions; however, these sites variously promote Spirulina of having trivial to miracle qualities. Benefits being spruiked include, speralina being the “new” anti-aging super food that is easily digestible and full of antioxidants. @YannBros on Twitter tweeted about a cosmetic brand (Sisley of Paris) that merchandises an anti-aging collection with the key ingredient being Spirulina. Continuing my Twitter search I came across Algae for Aid, a Dell sponsored Social Innovation Challenge. Their page informed me that scientists are currently researching the benefits of Spirulina slowing down the global warming process as it helps to converts the carbon and produces oxygen “We convert...