Exploitation of New Biological Materials Machines on Mining

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Exploitation of New Biological Materials Machines on Mining

By | Feb. 2012
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In recent years, biological technology has achieved great development, with increasing demand. At present,Ore flotation equipment many jaw crusher manufacturers, impact crusher manufacturers and stone production line manufacturers have set out to study the mining biological materials machine, nobody would give up this godsend! Biological materials are a kind of high-tech materials in the diagnosis and repair of human body tissues and organs, or improvement on their functions, namely used to replace, repair living organism natural or man-made material,Rotary dryers in whose action drug is disable. Biological materials could perform, improve or replace some missing functions caused by the disease, injury and other reason, but it never could helpful in recover. Biological materials,Raw material mill also called biotechnology or biological technology. Applied biology and engineering application of the principle of biological materials, the function of the special living creatures,Rock cone crusher are directionally formed into a specific traits of biological new varieties of comprehensive science and technology. Biological engineering, in the 70s, developed on the basis of molecular biology, cell biology, including genetic engineering,Rock crushers cellular engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering and so on, contacted with each other, which are based on genetic engineering.Ore flotation equipment Only through genetic engineering on biological transformation, it will be possible to press the human desire to produce more and better biological products. And genetic engineering achievements can be transformed into products only through the fermentation engineering . On Medicine, through biological engineering we can produce a lot of cheap drugs for control of human diseases, such as insulin,Cement mill price the interferon, growth hormone, hepatitis B vaccine, etc. The application of Biological engineering on food and light industry is also very wide. In...

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