Exploitation, Corruption, and Ethics in the Constant Gardener

Topics: Pharmaceutical industry Pages: 10 (2514 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Key Scenes and Techniques:

In the scene where Sandy tells Justin of Tessa’s death
Sandy is shown in strong shadow and Justin is well lit and appears in a sunny patch, watering his plants. This creates a sense of foreboding and makes Justin seem like the good guy or hero of the piece.

Dinner Party/ Drinks with Sir Bernard Pellegrin and Dr Joshua Ngaba, Kenya Health Ministry Pellegrin - “You've met Dr. Ngaba, have you?” Bluhm - “Yes, at the opening of a new state-of-the-art clinic...without autoclaves for sterilizing. Mmm. Probably converted them into a Mercedes.” Tessa - “I've never met an alchemist before.”

Tessa to Dr Ngaba - “Yes, it was at the opening for the clinic that didn't have the sterilizing equipment. We never met, Dr. Ngaba, but I know your work.”

Tessa to Dr Ngaba - “There is just one thing that I'd like to thank Dr. Ngaba for- the free nevirapine. He's, persuaded the manufacturers to donate it to H.I. V. positive mothers…The problem is, it isn't actually reaching them. Some, but not all. So we've been wondering,

is that a standard cock-up, Dr. Ngaba, or- or were the pills converted into the limo that you arrived in?”

Sandy then speaks to Justin in the garden encouraging him to ‘reign her in’ – “You've gotta do something about Tessa…Well, she's embarrassing our guests. Her and that bloody Bluhm. There'll be hell to pay, I can tell you. If you can't control her, you should keep her locked up.” - Dark lighting creating ominous mood

Bluhm and Tessa at Kibera, watching the people go for their AIDs tests -Pan of the three bees van, finishing at three bees sign and logo Tessa asks why they are giving saliva and Bluhm answers “They are also testing for tb for free” to which Tessa replies “No drug company does something for nothing” – Fist instance in which film raises idea of suspicions about drug companies.

Wanza Kilulu dying in Hospital
Kilulu is being fanned with a three bees dypraxa packet
Tessa talks to Sandy “If I tell you that girl over there is being murdered, will you believe me?...You have got to promise me you will act on what we tell you”

“What did you give her?” - Bluhm “It doesn’t matter”- Lorbeer “You have got to stop testing on patients with HIV Dr Lorbeer”- Bluhm

Short Scene –Tessa in her office, woman on webcam
“Wherever there are drug companies...testing their drugs on people who they think are expendable you'll find organizations like ours trying to fight back.”
-Seemingly unrelated short scene, introducing ideas about pharmaceutical corruption

Scene in Sandy’s Office
“I sent your report to London…there was no official response”

“I'm supposed to keep an eye on you…Report where you are, what you're doing. Trust me, Tessa. This is something that you should not pursue.” - Close up on faces, Sandy’s face – dark, a silhouette - Eerie music

Short Scene in Tessa’s office – Web video
“Yet still the governments of the U.S.A. and Europe, at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies that seem to control them, drag their feet and continue to give us endless reasons...why we should buy your branded drugs at five, times the price.” – Introduces idea of government- Pharmaceutical relationship

Montage before Tessa’s death scene repeated
Fast intercutting of men, cars, man in sunglasses etc. creates feeling of unease and multiple people = commercial killing

After Police search Tessa’s Office after her death
Mustafa to Justin – “They took away the CD's, the diskettes, the computer. They came here and took the-the files, the papers.” - Dark lighting, grey sky

Justin to Sandy - “Her laptop's gone and her disks and all her files.” Seems odd that the police would take the items of the victim.

Hospital when Justin goes to get Wanza Kilulu’s files
“Tessa Quayle I have, but no Wanza Kilulu”
“If she does not appear on my records, she was not…is not” “We don’t have European doctors working here”
-There is a definite cover-up when Justin goes searching...
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