Explanatroy Synthesis - Black Hawk War

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, United States Army Pages: 4 (941 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Talha Baig

Dr. Amy Larsen

English 1302 - UHD

March 14, 2013

Explanatory Synthesis:

"The Black Hawk War of 1832"

Black Hawk was an Indian war chief who had a following of couple

hundred Sauks Indians. Black Hawk and his followers fought against the

Americans before the war of 1832 and were strictly against the expansion of

Americans into their territory (Tena 2-3). The Indian war chief was born in Saukenuk and had been living there with his fellow Indians until the Americans came and forced them out of their land. Since Saukenuk was Black Hawk's hometown, he was determined to hold onto it and was ready to oppose Americans because he saw the

Americans as a threat to his culture and land (John 3). His anger and disgrace towards the Americans eventually led to the Black Hawk war along with couple of other factors. The unjust treaty of 1804 was one of the main factors of the War and it made Black Hawk even more concerned about the Americans and the treaty also caused some intertribal rivalries between different Indian tribes but even after that Black Hawk was hoping to avoid a war. It is known that the American soldiers who confronted Black Hawk allegedly fired the first shot, which started the Black Hawk war.

The United States Government put forth many treaties to obtain the Land from the Indians but the unjust Treaty of 1804 is known as the main factor that led to the War of 1832. The way the signing of the this Treaty took place was very unlawful because most of the Indians who signed it were not really main authority holders of the Indian tribes and the signing of the treaty proceeded even though there were many Indians who were not ready to sell their lands over to the Americans (John 1). Some of the Indians did not even fully understood the conditions of the treaty and the worst part of this treaty was that it gave the land of the Saukenuk village over to the Americans,

which made Black Hawk furious and bitter (Tena 3)....
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