Explanatory Synthesis

Topics: Critical thinking, Wealth condensation, Academic degree Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Explanatory Synthesis
A countless number of children in the United States were taught to believe that you could accomplish anything if you worked hard. This American dream has now become an American nightmare. According to the information in the Hart Research Associations titled “Raising the Bar,” “ How the Rich are getting Richer and Poor are getting Poorer,” and the Workforce Commission powerpoint, Americans are faced with many obstacles to learn how to survive in the economy. The main discussion in these research items is how millennials will learn to adapt to the economy, look beyond requirements, and become systems analysts.

Robert Reich discusses in his article, “how symbol analysts are succeeding in many areas of the economy.” He explains that “symbolic analysts who solve, identify, and broker new problems are, by and large, succeeding in the world economy.” People will be replaced by computers or machines to do the work leaving people jobless. In Reich article “How the rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer,” he states “The fiercest competition that in-person servers face comes from labor-saving machinery (much of it invented, designed, fabricated, or assembled in other nations, of course). Automated tellers, computerized cashiers, automatic car washes, robotized vending machines, self-service gasoline pumps, and all similar gadgets substitute for the human beings that customers once encountered.” People were replaced with these machines, but who managed these machines? Jobs today require a type of computer knowledge that makes things quick and more manageable. Employees today are looking for a problem identifier, a problem solver, or and innovator who can visualize new uses of existing technologies. In order to receive the standers these jobs are looking for we need to learn how to put these abilities in work with getting a higher education that will benefit us.

The Hart Research Association titled “Raising the Bar,”...
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