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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Less than two minutes left in the Class A WPIAL Championship football game at Heinz Field. It is third down and seven yards to go with the score is tied at six against the number one team in Pennsylvania, the Clairton Bears. I line up under the center, look around at the defense, and yell out “hut”. I drop back for a pass, I see that the receiver is covered, and begin to panic. I try to run but the defense is closing in quickly. I look up and see a receiver running towards the end zone with nobody near him. I close my eyes and I throw the ball as hard as I can. It looks like it is going to be a touchdown but out of nowhere a six foot four inch defense of player swoops in and barely hits the ball with his fingertips. The ball falls to the grass of Heinz Field incomplete.

The moment that I just described is a play that happened to me my freshman year of high school football in the Class A WPIAL Championship game at Heinz Field. It describes all the hard work I put in and luck that came my way all for it to crash and burn within a matter of seconds. I was devastated about the result of that play. It lingers in my head every single day of my life. I know that if I would have completed that pass, we would have won the championship. I am about to tell you about my accomplishments that year and how the outcome could have been different and we could have won that game on that one pass.

My freshman year of football started off like any other average freshman players on a varsity football team. At practice during each week before the game, I would play scout team quarterback which means that I would run the offense for the starting defense to pretty much beat up on us. Then on game days, I would put on all the pads and uniform, stretch and throw, then sit there and watch the entire game knowing I will not play unless we are absolutely killing a team which actually happened on more than one occasion. That is until the third game of the season when something happened...
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