Explaining Relationships

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Explaining Relationships

According to dictionary.com, a relationship is “the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties”. Relationships can be broken down into two areas; Personal and Professional. To ensure a successful relationship, guidelines have been put in place by society to follow. By following these guidelines, you will learn the proper steps and what it takes to have a meaningful and trusting relationship. Relationships are formed by likes and dislikes. The ability to communicate with each other will allow the relationship to grow. Like watering a seedling, one must tend to and nurture it to have a long lasting and satisfying relationship. Successful relationships enable one’s ability to successfully interact with others in society. Learning to negotiate with people will let them know that you are aware of their feelings, and are willing to keep an open line of communication going. Be compassionate toward others feelings by watching your tone and the words that you choose. Be strong and hold your head high to show them how proud you are to be in a relationship with them. In order to ensure a lasting relationship that remains stable and satisfying one must be willing to compromise. Understand the situation at hand. Make suggestions on how to solve a problem and be willing to listen completely. Keep tempers in check and try not to stress over little stuff. Whether it is a personal or professional relationship, work as a team to get things accomplished. Relationships can be broken down into two areas; personal and professional; but they are all-encompassing. How an individual handles their personal relationships will ultimately impact their professional relationships. Keeping a positive attitude will greatly improve the professional relationship. Having a negative attitude will have a negative impact in the professional setting. Employers will be more forthcoming and appreciate having an employee that is easy to talk to....
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