Explaining Relationship Between Young Child and Security Object

Topics: Security blanket, Childhood, Blanket Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Name: Kaysi Stephenson
Course: ENG-105
Date: 2/1/13
Instructor: Rebecca Foy
Explaining the Relationship between Young
Children and Their Security Object
Some younger children usually between the ages of 8 and 12 months will become very attached to an object for a few years. Most parents are familiar with the so-called "security blanket." Sometimes it is the most stained blanket in a child's collection. Other times, it is an old stuffed animal. Regardless of what inanimate object a child chooses as their beloved security blanket, it's difficult to separate the two. There are many benefits and significance for a child to have a security object and numerous misconceptions on regarding the relationship between a young child and their security object.

It is very beneficial for younger children to have a security object. Most children will grow attached to an object when they are starting to be weaned from their mother because that’s a very emotional time. This object helps the child get through this critical transition so it is not so horrible. Young children with security objects do not throw such a fit when they have to be left with other adults and children, because they feel like you are still with them through this stressful situation. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that a security blanket can be especially beneficial when incorporated into a child's bedtime ritual (Roberts, 2011). attachments Having this object just personifies all the positive and comforting things in this child’s world.

The relationship a child has with their security object is very significant to them emotionally and physically. Children will usually give their object a name and be devoted to it because it gets them through being away from their parents. Young children usually hate being left with someone when their parents have things to do they are so use to having them all the time so when a child has this object with them it makes them feel like they have a piece...
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