Explain Why Women Failed to Gain the Vote in 1900 and 1914

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  • Published : October 15, 2008
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Coursework- Questions

1)Explain why women failed to gain the vote in 1900 and 1914. (10 marks)

Women failed to get the right to vote in 1909 to 1914 because of many reasons of which include: The suffragettes and the suffrages, the suffrages where to violent not law abiding and the sufragettes where to law abiding and too peaceful. The expectations of women, that women should stay at home and look after the family. The influences of religion, religion where in favour of man and believed that women should get no pleasure out of sex and should only be done for pro-creation. Women where not as well educated as men so were subject to inferior jobs. Queen Victoria who was very famous because of the British Empire she also stereotyped women. Traditional roles were cooking and cleaning, looking after the family or if women did manage to get a job outside the home it would be either a domestic servant or a nurse. Some women such as flounce nightingale improved opinions of women. Also Caroline Norton, no one took her case seriously. There were faults with the suffragettes but also good where as the suffragists failed to get attention from the media. The suffragettes had no problem making the headlines, but not for the right reasons. As the suffragists were peaceful protestors and the suffragettes where known for there non peaceful/violent protesting. The suffragists had over 100,000 active members and the suffragettes only had 2,000 active members. Lots of people joined into the rallies and protests though. For e.g. The march in London where 60,000 people joined in where as only 30,000 people joined in the suffragists mud march and they have over 100,000 active members. Herbert Asquith made promises to both suffragists and suffragettes when he was an mp but as soon as he was prime-minister he broke his promises. Which lead to more actions taking place by both suffragettes and suffragists. The war then started and all protesting stopped. The expectations of women...
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