Explain Why University Students Plagiaries, with Reference to English Speaking Countries. |

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Plagiarism has become a serious concern in the university as it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that university students plagiarise in English-speaking country. The growth of internet usage had lead plagiarism to a worsen situation. Plagiarism is the “act of plagiarising” (Hank 1979 cited in Park 2003, P.472), which means ‘to steal ideas, words, and information from others and make it to your own work. It can also explain that is copying others words. This essay critically discusses the university undergraduates plagiarise intentionally in which this can be treated as an academic offence. There are three main reasons for students plagiarise: poor time management, the temptation and opportunities and the attitude of the student.

Student faces stress throughout the academic year which is one of the reason why undergraduates plagiaries. Student who has poor time management might find themselves difficult to meet the deadline as sometimes the workload in the university is a burden for the student. Pressure from multiple work assignments in short amount of time will increase the chance of student plagiarise. If the student only starts writing their essay the night before its submission day, it is obvious that he/she would not have enough time to finish it. Poor research, writing skills will responses to why students plagiarise as well. It is because students need to put effort on the research and writing essays. Peer pressure might be one of the reasons why student has poor time management as they might encourage each other to have an active life and also student might have commitment on sports and performance activities (Park2003, P479). Not only peer pressure would lead to poor time management but also family responsibilities as well. The cost in which associated with education is a burden for their family therefore it is “too much” to fail. According to Marcia & Kathleen (2007), they interviewed an international student in which...
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