Explain Why the Declaration of Independence Was Formed

Topics: Boston Tea Party, United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolution Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Explain why the Declaration of Independence was formed
The Declaration of Independence was due to many events, including long term to do with trouble over taxes, short term causes leading up to 1776 for example the Boston Tea Party and finally the trigger reasons which provoked this declaration, such as the need for a unanimous vote and the lack of reply to the Olive Branch Petition.

In October 1763 the British government issued a Royal Proclamation, temporarily forbidding colonial settlements beyond the crest of the Alleghanies. Though some settlers had already passed this point, the British wanted to stabilize their Western Frontier with the retreating Indians, due to the consequences of their war in 1756. This caused a major policy problem as it was uncertain who would pay for ten thousand men who would be needed to police the new frontier territories. Therefore they decided that tax payers on both sides of the Atlantic could share the costs of basing extra troops in America. On top of this they issued a Revenue Act which empowered revenue officers to collect sugar duties and to place unwilling tax payers before local admiralty courts, often without the chance of a fair trial. This angered the colonists greatly as they saw it to be unjust, as well as the Royal Proclamation causing further tension between the Americans and the British as the American citizens famously said ‘no taxation without representation’. These were both long term causes to the forming of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the fact the British had remained out of their affairs for a long period of time so the Americans felt it was unfair that they should decide to govern them at this point and impose unjust taxes.

In the short term the Boston Tea Party was a major cause to the Declaration of Independence, which took place on the 16th of December 1773. Lord North had introduced the Tea Act to enable the East India company to sell tea below the price of smugglers. The Act...
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