Explain Why Someone You Think Is Important to You

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Have you ever imagined that one day you had to live in a new country? You are surrounded by new people. You have to communicate to others by a new language. You have to do a bunch of things that you have never done before. How would you feel at that time? That was my story of the first days I lived in America. To me, those days were the most difficult time in my life up to now. Sometime, I even felt very stressful because of struggling with my new life. However, I did learn of lot from that. Now, I am going to tell you how I experienced the stressful time and some useful ways that I did to reduce my stress.

I moved to America with my family two years ago. The first couple months of my new life were not easy at all. Although I just live at 43rd Ave and Bethany Home, which means it usually just takes you about 15 minutes to go to school from there, it takes me 1 hour for the same way by bus. At that time, I had to work two jobs at the same time to help my family out the financial difficulties. One of the jobs was in a restaurant and the other one was in a market. I still remember, I had to get up every morning at 5 AM, get ready and take bus to go to school or work. I was at school from 8AM to 1PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then went to work for the restaurant from 3PM to 9PM. The rest days of the week, I worked at the market from 9AM to 9PM. I always arrived home at 10 every night, did my homework, studied for school and went to bed at 1-2AM, even sometime I had not went to sleep until 4 if there were a test or exam on next day. One more thing that also made me feel stressful was I have to communicate with others by a different language. My English at that time were not good enough for me to understand everything in daily communication. I had to face with many difficulties in study. Because I could not understand everything from the lecture by English, I had to read all my textbooks, and searched for more information about the lesson on internet when I got...
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