Explain Why Russia Was a Difficult Country to Govern Before 1905

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History Pre AS Task

Explain why Russia was a difficult country to govern before 1905

* Russia is a very big country so it would be hard to keep it all under control. One-sixth of the world.

* Because it was big it was hard to communicate with people with the lack of technology they had.

* It was also hard to get to place so it would be hard to keep people under control if something happened as it would take a long time to get there.

* Because of the geographical landscape of Russia it was hard to get trade into Russia.

* There were many different tribes and religions so many people wouldn’t help or talk to each other.

* Not everybody spoke Russian as many neighbouring countries started where taken by Russia but didn’t speak Russian.

* Lack of communication.

* Many different religions

* People would start little conflicts between religions.

* It was hard to get the army to a certain place of Russia if there was a war because of the size and geographical landscape.

* Many people wanted rights and a democratic government but other people wanted the opposite. This made people unhappy.

* The economy was bad as it was hard to collect money or even get money because of the sheer size of Russia.

* Many people ruled Russia within 30 years before 1905. This made it hard for the country to get used to the laws if they changed. * Laws were hard to imply as the country was the biggest in the world.

How far were these difficulties likely to cause problems for the tsarist government in the first decades of the twentieth century? There were many difficulties that caused problems for the tsarist government. One main reason involved politics and how the country was ruled. The Russia of the tsars in the 19th century was a monarchy. The Tsarist government experienced many difficulties with the opposition. There were many political parties who disagreed with the policies of the Tsar. The aim of...
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