Explain Why in 1905 Revolution Broke Out in Russia (12 Mark)

Topics: Russia, Nicholas II of Russia, Russian Empire Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Explain why in 1905 revolution broke out in Russia. (12 Mark) The 1905 revolution in Russia was the result of the unrest in the country created by an Autocratic Rule in Russia in the prior years. The emancipation and the reforms of Alexander II were followed by the repression by Alexander III; he refused to consider political reforms and was highly autocratic, meanwhile many groups demanded a further reform. The society of Russia wanted change to improve their living conditions however Alexander III was not a liberal ruler therefore ignored his people and believed in his God divine power. Alongside this the industrialisation concentrated people especially in the urban areas simmering the discontent of peasants and workers creating more unrest in the country. Another factor of why the revolution broke out in Russia in 1905 was because of the shortages and high prices of food; this has resulted to create more unrest in the capital St. Petersburg making the society more anti-Tsarist as the people were suffering under Alexander III. Russia also suffered a severe depression due to the unemployment and urban discontent, the peasant population was increasing meanwhile the taxes rose and the arrears had grown resulting in strike in 1902-03 and assassination of the Minister of Interior, Plehve. The final catalyst to the revolution in 1905 was the events of Bloody Sunday. The December 1904 strike at Putilov arms works contributed to further sympathy strikes and more workers willing to strike, also the news of the unfortunate situation of Russia at war and the news of Russia losing created more unrest in people. Finally a planned procession on Sunday 9th of January by Father Gapon to present the Tsar with liberal petition resulted in the troops firing on the on crowd killing many workers making Russian people more anti-tsarist as Alexander III had lost his favour due to the events of Bloody Sunday creating an uprising of the people of Russia calling for a changed in the...
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