Explain Why Chapter 4 Could Be Considered a Turning Point in Lord of the Flies

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Explain why Chapter 4 could be considered a turning point in Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 can be considered a turning point in the book since it shows many different aspects of the book which weren't covered yet. It starts showing the savageness of the children and the loss of civilisation and order. it also shows that with all this anarchy the children still have order in their souls whom they can not expel. the chapter also tells us how people ignore commands and follow a person just because they are afraid of him.

Chapter one fits perfectly well in the beginning of the book. The chapter gives us a clear vision of what has happened before the beginning of the book; the plane crash, the atomic bomb; the island and the war. It shows it when Ralph, then known as the boy with fair hair says that; “This is an island. At least I think it’s an island. There is a reef out in the sea. Perhaps there aren’t any grownups anywhere.” we find out it’s a plane crash when Piggy says “There was that pilot. But he wasn’t in the passenger tube, he was in the cabin in front”. As the book goes on Ralph and Piggy find all of the other boys on the island and the choir, with its boss Jack. Thanks to Ralph the children are united under a shell, the Conch, this precious shell is the symbol of legacy, order and respect. The children join together thanks to the Conch, since Ralph blew in it and it made a very high sound which was heard by everybody. When all of the children were gathered a leader was elected and that http://listverse.com/wp-content/ leader was Ralph, partly because he was the biggest and partly uploads/ 2007/08/6a00d41432c15a685e because he was handsome. The most important event in these 00d41436fd406a47-500pi.jpg chapters, in my opinion, is the fire. The fire was created so that the ships and airplanes that passed could see the smoke and notice them. The idea of the fire is great but you should never joke with fire and the result of their fire...
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