Explain What It Means to Have Dty of Care in Your Own Work Wole

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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SHC 34, 1.1

Explain what it means to have a duty or care in your own role.

Duty of Care means providing care and support for individuals within the law and also within the policies, procedures with your setting. It is about avoiding abuse and injury to the child. Every child should be supported and enabled to live in an environment which is free from prejudice and safe from abuse. My responsibilities under the duty of care is to do everything reasonable within my job role to make this happen. The level of duty of care depends on who you are caring for, a high duty of care would be those who have a limited ability to care for themselves like younger children. Duty of care should include -

keeping an individual safe
to keep an individual free from harm
to give choice

duty of care is the legal term for safegurading ourself and others. When working with children and young people it brings a significant duty of care and you must always be able to recognise this so that you can see -

the ability to forsee and cope with potential dangers
more robust immune system
understanding their actions may hurt or upset others.
Communication skills to be able to talk about harm others may be doing to them.
With such young chidren in your care you have a duty to protect them from harm, whether its physical or psychological. To safegurard children you should -

carry out risk assessments
setting clear expectations and boundaries
observing and assessing the childs development for any indications being aware of the signs a child may be being abused.
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