Explain What Is Meant by God Is Good

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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The God of the bible can be described as good because he is seen to act in morally good ways in the world. He creates a world in which everything is seen to be good. “God saw everything and it was good.” In the Bible God’s commandments are the moral laws. The Ten Commandments state that is good according to God. They provide a summary of people’s religious and social duties. God could be said to be showing his love for this through these laws. Another common biblical image of God is that of a judge to whom we are all answerable. In the parable of the sheep and Goats (the last judgement) God is pictured as a king judging his people and separating good from bad. Throughout the Bible God demonstrates his desire for justice for his people. Amos- an Old Testament prophet- condemns the injustice he sees in the marketplace. He condemns those who cheat the poor. Amos says the Lord will “never forget any of their deeds.” God’s concern in particular for the poor and the weak is a common theme. He shows compassion towards the childless Hannah who seeks a baby- “I asked the Lord for him.” According to the Bible God does respond with anger and punishment to those who disobey him. This could be called “righteous indignation.” Any parent who ignores the fact their child broke a rule could be said to be negligent. Love involves showing another what they have done is wrong so they can learn from it. So we would describe a good person as one who has man y virtuous qualities including that of showing righteous anger. The God of the Bible is regarded as one who has all these qualities in an unlimited capacity-God is seen to be omnibenevolent. Within the Christian tradition, God’s goodness is seen in the person of Jesus. The teachings and actions of Jesus are seen as further examples of God’s goodness. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus says “Be perfect just as your heavenly father is perfect.” Therefore the Bible says God’s love cannot be improved on, it is not potential but actual....
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