Explain Three Difficulties Faced by the Europeans During the Early Stages of the New World Settlement

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Indigenous peoples, European colonization of the Americas Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Explain three difficulties faced by the Europeans during the early stages of the new world settlement

Three difficulties faced by the Europeans during the early stages of the new world settlement were resistance from the Amerindians, lack of supplies and food and natural disasters.

The Europeans could not understand the resistance of the Amerindians. They felt that their culture and weapons were superior to that of the Amerindians and so they felt justified in their use of force against them. The Europeans forced the Amerindians to labour for them, they raped their women and the animals they brought to the islands destroyed the natives food crops. These injustices caused some of the natives to flee into the mountains, commit suicide and infanticide and to burn the European food supplies. The Kalinagoes were being pushed out of their islands and so they fought back fiercely.

The Europeans lacked supplies and food and had to abandon their European diet as most of the food items could not be imported from Europe. Thejr supply ships did not come to the Caribbean regularly. The natives also did not plant enough food crops.

Lastly, they had to face natural disasters, They had to endure hurricanes, insect pests, tropical disease and drought.

Give three requirements of the encomienda system

Three requirements of the encomienda system were the were granted a number of natives for whom they were to take responsibility and the receiver of the grant was to protect the natives, to educate them and instruct them in the Catholic faith. In return they could extract tribute from them in the form of labour, gold or other products. The natives were punished or put to death if they resisted. The natives chief was responsible for keeping track of the labourers in the community. They were organized into small harbours called reducciones.

Examine four aspects of the cultures of the indigenous peoples that allowed them to travel easily through the...
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