Explain the Way in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, and Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

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  • Published : May 25, 2011
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Having explored the three methods of setting ground rules during session 2 of PTTLS course, it is evident that for the ground rules to be effective, determining the appropriate method of ground rules setting is crucial to informing how the learners will be likely to respond to the ‘ground rules’ and how this will later affect the session or sessions to be delivered.

The three methods of setting ground rules offer advantages and disadvantages depending on the context of the lesson and the dynamics of the group. For example the teacher led process provides the teacher with a clear set of uniformed rules and offers the teacher an opportunity to consider issues which may otherwise have been overlooked such as the learning environment and health and safety issues. Although rigid in approach, using this method could offer the teacher more control of the group by notion of a hierarchal order within the class. The teacher would take on an authoritarian role with the learner having to adhere to the rules set. In an ideal situation the teacher would be able to invoke the rules when the group did not behave in a way that was appropriate to outcomes expected by the teacher. Unfortunately this authoritarian approach could also result in the learner becoming disengaged and de motivated presenting the threat of the learner becoming disruptive especially as they have not had the opportunity to discuss their feelings on how they would like to have their learning environment managed. This presents the teacher with the task of having enforce a set a rules which the disruptive learner has no ownership or commitment to and consequently places the teacher in a difficult position of having to find alternative strategies to enforce boundaries which the individual feels is acceptable.

The learner led method offers the students the responsibility to form their own rules and provides a forum for the learners to discuss and share their learning needs with their peers resulting in the...
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