Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Setting. Skilled Communication Plays a Huge Role in Health and Social Care Such as Psychotherapy, Counselling, Medical and Health Care

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  • Published: March 10, 2013
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Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care setting. Skilled communication plays a huge role in health and social care such as psychotherapy, counselling, medical and health care. Effective communication and interaction play an important role in the work of all health and social care professionals. For example, care professionals need to be able to use a range of communication and interaction skills in order to work inclusively with people of different ages and diverse backgrounds (1). According to Koprowska research shows experiences of service users using the service within these settings indicate that skilled communication for PR actioners has enabled them to build a working alliance with the service user. The working alliance is first and foremost collaborative. The relationship between the therapist and the client is that they are on the same side, forming a partnership against the common foe of the clients debilitating pain. Neither a good relationship not therapeutic skill on its own is enough to form an alliance or bring about change; they are thought to interact together (2). In other words effective communication leads to successful outcomes when the service user sees the PR actioner warm and active meaning they are able to build a relationship and open up with the service user confidently. On the other hand negative and hostile attitudes to the service user lead to poor outcomes even when the PR actioner is technically skilled. Communication is used when giving information for example if a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will ensure the patient is given this news carefully, in this effective communication will be used.

Effective communication is very important to use in every care setting, the patient and the care worker need to understand each other clearly in order for the service user to get the best possible care for example the care worker should speak clearly at the right pace and tone. This means not too loud or quiet and not too fast or slow. The service user will be able to hear properly and understand what the care worker has said and reply back confidently. This will build up relationship and trust between the care worker and the service user. Effective communication is also about communication with relatives, colleagues and other professionals to create a safe, welcoming and valuing work environment (3). For example, in a care home care workers need to have effective communication as it is important within the job role. This is because, when the service users family needs to know how their relative is getting on within the care home they would need to ask information from the care workers. Therefore, care workers need to have effective communication skills to be able to relate to service users family and tell them whatever they need to know about their family and that of the service user.

Communication eases anxiety of the patients and eliminates more possibilities for mistakes, and lets each party know what is expected of them it also helps the care worker to communicate and use their skills to meets the service user’s rights and needs. In a care home, there are elderly people who may have speech difficulties, be hard of hearing, but the care worker should not use the effective communication skills too much because if the care worker speaks to one of the elderly which has hearing difficulties he must ensure he does not speak to loud as the elderly person may feel intimidated and may feel that the care worker is making fun out of him. The care worker must lean forward slightly and speak consistently. Effective communication includes listening, asking questions, giving accurate information and also empathy to avoid confusing vulnerable service users. The care worker is a care home can use particular method to communicate with, such as, if the user has speech difficulty, the care worker can use Makaton or PECS...
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