Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Context

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Communication is a way of interacting and getting a message or several messages across using different types of methods of communication, giving and receiving a message between two or more people, also known as conveying information by speech, behaviour, visuals, signals and writing. Communication is very important in a health and social care setting; this is because people’s needs to be met and messages have to be clear for a person to understand. Many people struggle with some ways of communicating and it’s important when working with old people for example, they need to be understood and looked after properly making sure they are being communicated with and assisted as expected. There is a variety of ways to communicate for example;

* Formal – This type of communication requires verbal and non verbal skills between two or more people for example; Face to face, formal Email, formal letter. In a health and social setting, formal communication must be used in order to get a message across properly for example; when talking to a resident, they have to be able to understand what their carer is saying.

Formal communication is required in a majority of health care settings.

* Informal – This also involves two or more people, it’s often spoken using jargon or slang. This type of communication will mostly be used in; Groups of friends, short conversations during practical assistance and greeting people you know well. A majority of the young generation in this day and age will use informal communication when speaking to someone whether it’s by text, instant messaging or face to face. In a health and social setting informal language cannot be used. For example; if a carer spoke to their resident using slang and the resident doesn’t understand it, it can be misunderstood.

* Oral – This is a type of communication between two or more people for example. Customer asking a shop assistant for help, An employee speaking to their employer. This is...
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