Explain the Relationship Between Industrialization and Urbanization?

Topics: City, Industrial Revolution, Urban area Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 3, 2013
According to Rodney stark mention the meaning of industrialization that the process by which technology is substituted for manual labor as the basis of production and Craig Calhoun mention the meaning of urbanization that the process whereby large numbers of people leave the countryside and small towns to settle in cities and surrounding metropolitan areas. The relationship between industrialization and urbanization is people come to find the better life in the city. Craig Calhoun mention the meaning of city is a relative large, densely populated, and permanent settlement of people who are socially diverse and who do not directly produce their own food. In general, cities dominate the surrounding countryside and smaller towns. The reason why people move to city is because First, more factories were built (industrialization), more workers were needed, and more workers moved to cities seeking jobs (urbanization). Because a person who immigrants are very poor, and very desperate for work. This means that they will relocate to an area with lots of job opportunities and they will take whatever jobs they will get. This also means that the people hiring them will pay them a very small sum of money because they know they will do the work. Second, people in countryside want to have a better life that they can’t enhance or find in countryside for example innovation not just in technology but also in religion, philosophy, science, and the arts. All these things are in city because city has a lot of people so it has more chance that people bring many things here. Industrialization and urbanization, this two factor are relate together because they need each other and you cannot have urban if you don’t have a big change in technology you must have a new technology that new technology is industrialization and it not about factory it about farming and food supply enough for million people who live in the city. And you can see that...
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