Explain the Reasons for Migration of the Indigenous People to Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean

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  • Published: October 5, 2011
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EXPLAIN THE REASONS FOR MIGRATION OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE TO JAMAICA AND THE WIDER CARIBBEAN * Before the rennasnce while eroupe was in great turmoil * A nation would rise from Europe
* Its people strong and ambitious to gain more power and make their nation richer * They conquered an united with other European states
* But Europe seemed to be too small of a country for ther people of higher standards and information * So they went out to coquor the world in the name of god and they suseeded * They gain power over the world and Christianized over ½ the worlds population * They built an empire unlike anything the world has ever seen and this lasted for 4 centuries * They revolutionized the world more than any modern nation in history * They were the spanards and their empire

* With possessions of several other regions namely :north & south America parts of Africa and other parts of Europe * And it all started wen a geneses explorer financed by spain rediscovered the new world cc * The Columbian expedition left from the port of palos de frontera on august 3,1492 * With the ships la nina la pinta and la santa maria

* He reached the new world in October 12 1492 More explorers and conquistadors would follow him through unknown territories in hope of finding wealth and power many would fail and few would achive it .men like these would achive it:Francisco pizarro –of concuque inca empire,hernan cortez-concuque the aztec empire * Spain already the strongest state on the European continenet would inherit the most powerful monarch in Europe in 1516 charles 5th holy roman emperor –he would involve spain in many of the European wars and affairs * Great Italian wars 1494-1559.Battle of pavia (1525):Spanish tercios destroyed the French army and captured French king francis I starting spain military dominance in European battltefields that would last until the mid 1600 * The aftermath of these long cruel...
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