. Explain the purpose of agreeing objectives and deadlines when researching information.

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Business and Administration
Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services

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Using the telephone

The different features of telephone systems
Different employers have different telephone systems. The telephone system that your employer has will depend on the following:
Business size
Number of employees
Number of employees who need to use the telephone
The amount of business done over the telephone
Whether it needs to have phone and computer systems integrated with one another
The features needed on the system.
Features of telephone systems
Contacts – a list of names and numbers stored on phones
Call log – to track and record calls
Caller display – shows the number of the caller
Conference – this function makes it possible to speak to multiple people at once
Divert – this enables you to redirect your calls onto another line Hands free – this function allows you to listen and speak via a speaker, leaving your hands free
Transfer – this enables you to transfer calls onto another line Voicemail – a personal answering service that allows callers to leave messages.
Procedures for making and receiving telephone calls
Many businesses have procedures and policies for telephone calls which aim to achieve an efficient and professional standard when speaking on the telephone. Receiving calls
By answering the phone, you become responsible for the reputation of the business.
The best possible service should include greeting all callers with a standard greeting, identifying the caller, identifying the caller's needs, and giving the caller the best information possible.

Making calls
The advantage of making calls is that you can plan what you’re going to say in advance. This means you should know the aim of your call before you make it.

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Business and Administration
Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services

The dos and don’ts of making phone calls
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