Explain the of Gerald in the Play 'an Inspector Calls'

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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As the inspector arrives at the home, suddenly we are shown that this respectable' young man has his own dark secrets. We first see suggestions of this at the dinner table, when Sheila (again) asks him where he was last summer, and then later Sheila says to him that he must have done things that he was ashamed of, he gives himself away immediately by being surprised and on guard because of the comment. What bothers Sheila is maybe not so much that he has a secret but that he is not honest with her. Even when she confronts him about how he knew Eva he expects her to behave like a little woman and be satisfied with a very small piece of information instead of the whole truth. Although we are immediately shocked on finding out what Gerald's secret is, he tells his story with himself as a victim of circumstance. He says that he didn't intend to stay at the bar long because he hated the hard-eyed and dough-faced' women, and met Eva when saving her from unwanted advances. He helped her out of pity with no other intention, but she became his mistress because he became the most important person in her life'. In a way, Gerald is let off of some of the guilt, since even the inspector says that he made her happy for a time, and she had the experience of living in her own home and falling in love. Gerald did have affection for her, even if he didn't love her like she loved him, he was the only one out of them all to actually have a personal relationship with her. He also shows his care when he becomes distressed when it hits home that she is dead. On the other hand, there are things about this story that add to Gerald's guilt. For instance, he says that he hated the prostitutes at the bar, but then why did he go there in the first place unless it was to pick up a prostitute. Then he helped Eva, but why did he meet her a second time by arrangement? He goes on to basically blame Eva for the fact that she became his mistress, saying that she was grateful to him, as Sheila says...
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