Explain the Effects of Grievances on:

Topics: Employment, Productivity, Job satisfaction Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Explain the effects of grievances on:

a.) Employees
b.) Management
c.) Work

Explain the effects of grievances on:

a.) Employees
b.) Management
c.) Work
Following are the effects of grievances on each of the above mentioned parties:

Frustrated" employees represent a real lost opportunity for organizations. From a motivational perspective, organizational leaders have these employees where they want them. But when it comes to ensuring that they are as productive as possible, organizations are missing out. Worse yet, frustrated employees are unlikely to persist in that state over the long term. Where strong motivation to succeed is not paired with similar levels of support, employees are likely to either tune out (i.e., become increasingly disengaged) or drop out (i.e., leave in search of work environments where their high levels of motivation can be put to better use). Demotivation

Demotivation is contagious: even one demotivated employee who constantly cribs about work or other undesirable factors can quickly work on demotivating others too. Organizations are prone to the dangers of demotivation at all times. However, it’s important to be aware of it and to recognize and tackle it without delay. To tackle demotivation effectively, an organization must know the reason behind its lackluster attitude. If a boss or colleague can help motivate such a coworker, it could go a long way to boost the employee’s morale and motivate him to be optimistic and have a positive attitude

It’s important to keep a check on the expectations and demands that are being placed upon your employees. If someone feels overburdened by a large, impossible workload – they can soon become disillusioned, stressed and lose motivation. Equally, if an employee has a workload that’s too light or not varied enough, they might quickly lose interest. Causes of Employee Demotivation:

* Lack of Appreciation: An employee feels unappreciated for his efforts....
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