Explain the Differences Between Communicating with Adults and Comminicating with Children and Young People

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  • Published: January 11, 2012
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Unit TDA 301
2.3 Explain the differences between communicating with adults and comminicating with children and young people.

Communicating with children :
- Comminicate clear ,concise and appropriate to their ages, needs, abilities by using words and phrases they will understand - actively listening to children
- positive respond
- asking and answering questions to prompt responses and check understanding - adapt comminication to their language or sen
- concentrate what child is saying
- use not only verbal but non verbal communication skills like smile, nodding , eye contact etc. - Praise and encouragement
- Give support while communicating with children

Communicating with adult:
- use language that will be understood
- maintain professionalism and support to other adult
- make an eye contact and other non-verbal skills
- respect other ideas even if you not sure about them
- you can use other forms of communication: wrriten like email, letter, notices, text. - Avoid assumptions about adults (backgrounds)
- Summerise and confirm key points to ensure that you clear on whats happening - Resolve areas of poor comminication by disscusing them. - Comply with polices for confidentiality, sharing inrormation and data protection

Teaching Assistant Handbook level 2and 3 by Teena Kamen

Unit TDA 307
1. Compare the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners achievements.

The main responslibity for a class teacher is to minitor, record and assess children achievement. They need to look after all class, get to know children and monitor how do they progress from term to term to be able to report it to parents and other staff. Assessment is ongoing process which will take different forms and in role of TA’s is to support teachers with a process. Class teacher provides plan for the lesson in which will put clear...
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