Explain the Attempts Made to Achieve Disarmament in the Inter-War Period and Analyze Why Results Were Limited.

Topics: League of Nations, World War II, World War I Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: March 5, 2013
TOPIC : Explain the attempts made to achieve disarmament in the inter-war period and analyze why results were limited. There is no doubt that World War I was a period in history that cannot be simply rubbed out. Numerous casualties, political as well as economical disturbances appeared to be only few out of the consequences of those 4 threatening years. Signing the truce in Compiegne (11.11.1918) made people feel more secure at least for some time. Yet it cannot be forgotten that damages and conflicts that came into existence between 1914 and1918 were far more reaching and dangerous. That is why major politicians were setting up various conferences in order to achieve satisfactory disarmament. These were Washington Naval Agreement (1921-22), London Conference and Treaty for the Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armament (1930) and Geneva Disarmament Conference (1932-34). Each of them, as soon as they were ratified appeared to have more theoretical than practical usage. Ineffectiveness of those agreements is visible as all hell broke loose once again in September 1939. First attempts for efficient disarmaments were taken during Washington Conference 1921-22. Three essential agreements have been signed in order to heal contemporary crises. For a start it was a Four Power Agreement that was enacted, on which basis USA, Great Britain and France guaranteed themselves rights and respect towards their territorial possessions in the Pacific. Moreover, signatories promised to defend one another in the countenance of any serious threat. Then, it was a Five Power Agreement that was implemented. This pact focused on limitation of the naval forces. Insiders (all of the above mentioned countries plus Japan) were obliged to adjust to the implemented ratio for the size of fleets. It was definitely a step forward, for the first time disarmament policy was applied at an international level. In addition, each state could not have built battleships or cruisers...
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