Explain the relevance of Human Resource Planning in an industry?

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  • Published: February 4, 2007
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In today's competitive business market, it is very important to remember how effective planning and development play an important role in the overall success of the organization. Planning is vital part of any department of the organization whether it is the operations department or the marketing dept if planning doesn't take place than objectives will not be achieved in an appropriate manner. Then why not Human Resource Planning, because the true value of any company in any economy is its people. It is HRP, which helps the management to ensure that they have the right amount and quality of employees needed for the present and future taking into account the HR factors such as employment trends, labour turnover and skills shortages. Part of HR planning is the collection and analysis of this data in order to make decisions on the organisations plans. Successful HR planning in an organisation will ensure that the right people fill the right vacancies at the right time.

The rate of change facing organizations has never been greater and organizations must absorb and manage change at a much faster rate than in the past. In today's organisations, the primary assets of a business are the talents of its people, not the tangible and financial assets that make up balance sheets. The cost of finding key talent and replacing key staff that leave is expensive and time consuming. Therefore it is necessary to have an effective HR Strategy or plan.


Describing Human Resource Planning?

Human Resources planning is the development of a comprehensive staffing strategy that meets the organisations future human resources needed. When applied to management selection it ought to ensure recruitment of the right people for the right jobs at the right time. Rather than fill posts when they fall vacant or a pressing need arises, effective human resource planning needs to answer these questions:-

Are the right numbers and type of people doing the things that need doing?

Are we using our human resources well?

Do we have the people we need to satisfy our future requirements?

Therefore, Human Resource Planning requires that the business makes estimates of the number of workers it believes will be required at all levels in the business in the future. This can be done in a number of ways like using past data, analysing the expected levels of customer demand and sales, estimating the level of labour turnover, the views of the management, expected changes in working practices etc.

Here it is important to highlight that an organization may incur several intangible cost as a result of inadequate HRP or, for that matter the lack of HRP. For example, inadequate HRP can cause vacancies to remain unfilled. Lack of HRP makes it difficult for employees to make effective plans for a career personal development due to which they seek employment elsewhere hence the companies loose sometimes very competent and ambitious ones.

Purpose of HRP

Identifying needs front the corporate plan - is the business expanding and taking on more work? If so can this new work he shared amongst current staff, or will new employees need to be recruited?

Liaising with departments to look at their future needs - do they need more staff, or to train staff to cope with any changes in technology or equipment?

Do we have enough experienced managers? They are the ones who will drive the work force so it is essential to know the accurate information about the overall present and future requirements in the management posts.

HRP forms a balancing Act between the utilization of plant and workforce because it involves comparing the two with the help of different parameter and coming out with the selection of the most cost effective method.

Carrying out real skills audits on staff to see if they are able to meet future needs. If not, then a programme of training could be implemented to give staff the skills and knowledge they need. Such work...
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