Explain How the Understanding of Peace Is Expressed Through the Sacred Texts in 2 Religious Traditions

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Explain how the understanding of peace is expressed through the sacred texts in 2 religious traditions

There is more to peace than the absence of conflict. It also includes a sense of tranquillity, a sense of inner peace and wellbeing and harmonious relationships. Peace is internal, external and different people encounter different aspects of peace. Religious teachings from the religions of the world have played a huge role in finding ways to achieve peace. An example of this is the principle teachings of Islam and Christianity. By looking into their sacred texts and teachings on peace, we can gain a valuable insight into how these religions explain peace. The teaching of peace is central to Christianity. They use the sacred text of the bible, mostly the New Testament with emphasis on the Gospels as the source for teachings on peace. The New Testament states peace as a virtue and identifies it as a key element of God. Christians use Jesus’ example to illustrate the ideal model for peace in their lives. This model allows for adherents to understand the peace of God through the gift of the Holy Spirit and peace in relationships whereby Christians are expected to work in harmony with others in order to achieve peace As well as this the teaching on war and peace “love your neighbour as yourself.”(Matthew) and the teaching on peace and justice are both exemplified by Pope John XXIII’s notion that there can only be peace if there is justice. The Christian teaching on peace revolves around the covenant relationship between the adherent and God. This peace is given by Christ and is shown in the sacred texts of the New Testament “My peace I leave with you,” and is described as “one of the fruits with the spirit.”(Galatians). Jesus tells his followers that “in me you may have peace,” (John) suggesting that the concept of spiritual peace is embodied in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The importance of peace is clear in the Beatitudes were Jesus stated “blessed are the...
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