Explain How the Bible Shows the Goodness of God

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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(A)Explain how the Bible shows the goodness of God (25).

The Bible shows the goodness of God in many ways, the biblical God is very different from Plato’s austere demiurge and Aristotle’s distant prime mover. God’s goodness in the Bible is very much in tune with humanity, he is shown to be an intervening God who reacts to situations and cares how people behave. In the Bible, the goodness of God is a covenant to his people. In the old testament he made an agreement that they were to be his people and in return he would be their God, he gave them rules to live by (The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20) and promised them land as well as other things. This shows God to be a good and caring God who is involved with his people; he takes an active relationship but requires them to agree to his conditions for this to be successful. They set the standards of what is morally right and wrong and they also enable people to lead a good life, God is shown to be good because he provides his people with these guidelines to help them live well. God sets a standard for the people to follow, and watches too see the way they respond. God’s goodness is also shown in the Bible because he responds to things compassionately, for example, in Samuel when Hannah is distraught that she cannot have a baby God enables her to conceive a child. The God of the Bible is very much affected by the ways in which people respond to him and shares an almost parent and child like relationship with his creation; the anthropomorphism of God is used to create a relatable image of goodness that we as humans can understand. In many parts of the Bible the goodness of God is shown to coincide with his love, it is a love that commands his people achieve the best that they possibly can – this is done by obeying his commands as he gives them. God does not just look at people as a whole but as individuals and this is shown by his intervention to help not only the masses but to also help individual people, for...