Explain How Our Ability to Get a Job Will Be Influenced by Our Availability and Access to Resources

Topics: Basic income, Education, Higher education Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Explain how our ability to get a job will be influenced by our availability and access to resources

There are many factors that influence one’s ability to get a job. These can range from a person’s age, gender and education to a person’s lack of communication skills or contacts. These are known as resources. Certain resources can be available to someone depending on their capability to build and maintain them. The availability of resources to a person can influence who they are, how they live and even effect how they are able to get a job. Resources can be either positive or negative in someone’s life. Positive resources allow and give a person better chances, especially when I comes to applying for and upholding a job.

Access to resources that are of the positive nature are always a bonus for someone who wishes to excel in their life as well as their job. There are a vast range of resources such as “richer” lifestyle, better clothes, development of skills, higher education, better contacts and a higher regard in society. Being from a high status group often means that a person has more money. Having more money available to one’s lifestyle allows for a lot of these positive resources become a reality. Having better clothes and a richer lifestyle can become a reality if a high income is made. However not all resources are influenced by money. Resources such as contacts and social skills are made through one’s own personal skills. Having a vast range of positive resources gives a person the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential straight way which gives a person a better opportunity to obtain the job that they are applying for. The type of job also depends on the types of resources are needed for the applicant to uphold.

Having a lack of resources available to one during an interview for a job could see the applicant unfit, as they do not meet the required outlines of the job. Poor communication skills, lack of education, lack of...
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