Explain How Market System Attempt to Allocate Resouces Effecti

Topics: Writing, Communication, Spelling Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Fabio Picarra
Unit: 203
Work in Business Environment

1. Explain the reason for knowing the audience to whom the communication is being presented? A- I need to know the audience so that I can come to their level and be able to communicate effectively. 2. Describe the different methods of communication?

A- Written and oral communication. Oral communication could be verbal or non verbal. Q3 Explain why it is important to check the accuracy of your written communication. How do you check it? A- It is important to check accuracy of my written communication because I want the other person to understand exactly what I mean. The ways that I will use to check my accuracy are:

* Check facts- one of the most important things is the factual accuracy. I always double-check any statistics, numbers, dates, names—especially spellings—and other facts with a reliable source or two. * Spell Checks-Like many people I work with text and I always refer to the spell checker. Spell check automatically correct any misspelling. * Use a Style Guide-A style guide is a reference that you can use to ensure style consistency in every document i produce. * Find an Objective Reader -The fourth way to ensure accuracy is to have someone else—an objective outsider—check over your work.  As the writer, it can be hard to detect ambiguous statements because you know what your intended meaning was. Adding someone else to read your text is the best way of ensuring your intended meaning is clearly communicated to your readers. 4. What is your best chance being understood in oral discussion with a colleague? A- The best chance of being understood is by speaking clearly, concisely and accurately; I will always listen carefully when other people are talking to me; always being polite; I will always ask for explanation if something I don’t understand 5. Explain the purpose of summarizing verbal...
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