Explain briefly with examples on the three theories in motivation and how it applies to business organisation today.

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  • Published: January 1, 2006
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Maybe the place to begin is to give the definition of the Motivation; the Motivation is the willingness to use high levels of effort towards organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to satisfy some individual needs.

Motivation is an important thing that managers need to understand what motivates their employees to have good performance. By motivating the employees, the organization can get benefits from that for example, employees can increase their performance and productivity, increased job satisfaction, employees will increase to focus on organizational objectives, and maybe it can also reduced the absenteeism of the employees.

There are many methods of employee motivation have been developed. The study of work motivation has focused on managers as well as the employee. Motivation theories are important to manager attempting to be effective leaders. Here we will see a short explanation of three theories' that has been known for many managers today;

The most famous one being the Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This states and talks about the human needs that are broken down in five needs format (look at Figure 1).

Firstly the Basic Needs. This includes the following hunger, thirst, shelter, and many other bodily needs. To reflect to the above question one must examine how these apply in today's environment of work in line with their motivational impact to both the mangers and employees. We can apply this need within the organization for instance Provide lunch breaks, rest breaks, and wages that are sufficient to purchase the essentials of life.

Secondly; the safety need that will employ the security one gets from the job, for all possible safety issues be it physical or emotional harm. For example provide a safe working environment, freedom from threats, and relative job security, Insurance and protective wear, and so on.Thirdly the social need which will need, affection belongingness, acceptance, friendship one get from the work environment. I.e. Managers encourage team working which leads to better relationships for both managers and employees. Another example which can be applied within the organization is the Family day; the Family Day can encourage good relationships outside the workplace.

Also the esteem need (self esteem to be exact) that will see some be at ease with the internal self-respect, autonomy, achievements which will count on ones success, also to note are the external esteem, such as status, recognition and the attention they receive for any one around them, will defiantly boost them up. I.e. Employee of the Month.

Finally here is the Self-Actualization, here we see the ones drive or effort to become the best one can attain, including self growth, reaching one's maximum potential, and finally self fulfilment as well. I.e. provide challenging and meaningful work which enables innovation, creativity, and progress according to long-term goals.

There are many managers who applied this theory within the organization, for example, MacDonald's Managers have used the Recognition program, by selecting the best employee for the month and giving him or her bonus.

However, all humans have needs that must be met, and different people have different needs so from this managers who want to practices this theory have to find out what needs can motivate their employees, and don't treat them all alike. Maslow said that each needs must be satisfied before you go to the next needs so, according my researches I disagree with this and the order of the needs because there are some cultures appear to place social needs before any others.

In conclusion, observing Maslow hierarchy of needs can be a useful way for an organization to help their employees, Even though Maslow hierarchy lacks scientific support, it is very well-known and is the first theory of motivation to which many people are exposed.

The second of the three theories is that of X and Y theory. This cover the...
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