Explain and Evaluate the Reasons Why Fascists Reject Both Liberalism and Socialism

Topics: Fascism, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini Pages: 7 (2349 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Fascism can be characterised as a “radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology” with the belief that “nations, not social classes, are the primary forces in history and politics”. It is neither Liberal nor Socialist, but a balanced medium between capitalism and revolutionary Marxism. With a nationalist perception, Fascists seek to revive their nation to glory through the commitment of individuals to unite in order to produce a national identity where everyone is connected by either ancestry, culture, or blood, and to be led by a totalitarian single-party government that aims to bring the masses together for the benefit of the nation. Although ultimately being Socialism with a Capitalist veneer, Fascism is a reactionary ideology and Fascists reject both liberalism and socialism for a number of key reasons. In the eyes of Fascists the ideal society is not one of liberalism or socialism where society is for the individual but one where individuals are for the society, an extreme take on President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”.  Liberalism and Socialism are different to Fascism and therefore a fascist could never accept either one. Fascism combines different political beliefs while simultaneously opposing a firm association with any section of the left and right spectrum. This is because Fascists believe that the spectrum is unable to describe their beliefs. “Fascism is the creed of patriotism and revolution”. It is an ideology that remains loyal to king and country, however is also far-reaching and revolutionary regarding changes to government and economics. The Fascist view on human beings, unlike the view of Liberalists, is one opposed to individualism along with the belief that we as humans are not rational as we tend to feel before we think, “think with our blood”. As stated earlier, Fascist ideals are non-rationalist and are strongly based on such things as culture, emotional ties, race, nationality, history and beliefs. Fascists believe that we are defined by our forefathers and historical existence, not by universal or permanent qualities. Fascists believe that the nation state defines us, and therefore they strongly disagree with the liberalist anti-historical beliefs along with the liberalist belief that society is the sum total of its individuals as fascist societies cannot be broken up into separate components reflecting individualism. Being opposed to individualism, “the fascist conception is for the state, and it is for the individual as long as he coincides with the state”. Liberalism is seen to have denied state interests in order to gain the interests of the individual, whereas “Fascism reaffirms that the state is the true reality of the individual”. Unlike Socialists, Fascists are against the belief that a person be seen solely as a worker, and unlike both liberalists and Socialists, Fascists hold the belief that we as humans are anything but equal. Fascism demands an active man, a man who puts all his effort into the activity which he must complete, it wants a man who is conscious of the difficulties he is faced with and that exist around him, he must be ready to face them, it conceives a life of struggle, and asks for man to conquer for himself the life he is truly worth, but he must first create himself in order to construct it. “Thus for the single individual, the nation and humanity”. This is why fascism holds education, religion and science in such high regard. Fascism does not agree with socialism in the thought that all men are equal and society should serve the welfare of the individual worker, as the individual should serve society, however assumingly have a better standard of life the harder they work/the more important job title they hold as is generally seen in a capitalist economy. However, this is also why it is seen that Liberalism wrongly gives ultimate credit to liberty and private...
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