Explain and Evaluate the Argument Which Is Summarized in the Following Statement: ‘Britishness Is Defined by Its Relationship to Other Places.’

Topics: United Kingdom, Culture, British people Pages: 4 (1576 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Britain is defined as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and these countries that make up Britain, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, all have relationships with themselves as well as each other. Britishness means many things to different people. It can mean where we live, physically in a geographical sense, or in a social aspect. Looking at the statement and seeing if there is a relationship, I will firstly be looking at what part migration has in defining Britishness, how it has shaped Britain and how its society is made, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of this argument. Then I will be looking at the relationship between people and places and the idea of a shared culture, again seeing if the strengths and weaknesses support the statement. Finally I will be looking at Britain’s others and how they have influenced the making of a British culture and the effects on British thoughts and feelings, concluding on how Britishness is defined.

Migration has played a pivotal role in defining what Britain is and how Britain is perceived. Throughout history migration has occurred which has lead to a change in Britishness and new cultures and societies being produced. This can be internal as well as external, with internal migration being as important as international migration. On an international scale, migrants add experience and skills to the economy, bringing new skill sets and value. To see if these skills and values are being used positively and to the benefit of Britain we need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of this claim. Firstly, anti-immigration group, Migration Watch, claim that migrants bring huge expense on the UK’s economy, nearly reaching 100 million pounds a year, (Raghuram, 2010, page 165). This could be through a lack of control over migrants, through migrants not paying taxes or wrongly receiving benefits. On the other side we have the government saying migration contributed nearly 25 times...
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