Expert Systems

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Managing Information Systems
Expert System Assignment

Jordan Eliuk
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Expert systems are an extremely key component to the success and efficiency of a company, although using these systems can also be very complex and expensive. The use of robots and other artificial intelligence technologies can accelerate the productivity of companies because they’re consistent and they cannot call in sick, ask for raises or go on strike, as well as they can work in hazardous environments that other humans cannot such as working with radioactive materials (Bidgoli, 2010, pg. 230). The following discusses knowledge management, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and each will have an example of how to apply it to a business context. Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a type of expert system; a concept that arose in the 1990’s that basically suggests that the enterprise must come up with a systematic process that has a ‘base’, where the intangible item of knowledge can be stored, updated, maintained and managed. Knowledge management has most recently been defined as “an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving and sharing the information asset of a company; such assets can include databases, documents, policies, procedures and expertise within the workers,” (Koenig, 2012, pg. 1).

An example of how to use knowledge management in a real life business situation, would be reviewing the real life illustration of General Electric (GE); this enormous electronic enterprise incorporated a knowledge management system to help their Corporate Executive Council (CEC) (Quast, 2012, pg.1). The members of the CEC, which was composed of GE’s 14 major businesses, experienced many problems with information overload or not getting needed knowledge from other areas of the company; after applying the knowledge management system, they were able to share information and make more...
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