Experimentation Critique

Topics: Stratified sampling, Sampling, Simple random sample Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: August 14, 2010
Experimentation Critique
This experimentation study considers the extent where depression and anxiety predict smoking in early adolescence. There are reasons stated from researchers that relate depression and anxiety with smoking initiation. It is said that depression is very common in people that smoke. Or perhaps, smoking makes you depressed? When someone smokes, it calms you down at first and reduces the anxiety, but after your done smoking, you are right back to where you were. One study observes that depression in non-smoking 15-year olds predicted smoking about 10 years later. This paper will provide further evidence of the signification of association of anxiety and depression.

A statewide study of adolescent health performed in Victoria, Australia collected data in a length of 3 years, between August 1992 and July of 1995. A cross-sectional survey was performed in a 2-stage procedure. At stage 1, stratified selections of 45 schools were selected ranging from government, Catholic and independent. The students were between the ages of 14 and 15. Stage two involved taking a single intact class that was selected at random. The second wave was about six months later and involved the same study population who moved up to grade 10 and involved randomly selecting a second intact class from each school.

Participants were presented with the study as dealing with health issues and addressed a range of health risk behaviors. In order to participate in this study, consent, along with written consent was needed. The questionnaire was completed at intervals of six months between Grade nine and Grade 12, which involved six waves. A total of 29 laptops were used to administer the questionnaires and each participant that was not available was reached by telephone to answer the questions.

A diary with a seven-day retrospective was detailed with the daily tobacco consumption. The participants who did not smoke at all and ex-smokers did not have...
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