Experimental Project

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Experimental Project
Several college students are involved in Greek life, sports, clubs, programs, organizations, or school events. Every student is encouraged to join extracurricular activities because it helps the student to build an identity and it boosts up the resume. After a student graduates, they must be able to sell themselves to big businesses, graduate programs, or other job opportunities. Since the job market and education programs are very competitive, grades will not be sufficient to satisfy the employer. For this reason, we hear from our mentors, advisors, professors, and parents that we must participate in college extracurricular activities. The majority of the activities I do are volunteering events, but I was interested in becoming part of an organization. Most of these extracurricular activities have certain requirements that all members must meet to join and maintain their membership. Due to these requirements and my low grades, I would feel discouraged to participate in clubs and academic programs.

After hearing my roommate speak of the program she was part of, I began to take interest. She was part of Sexual Health And Reproductive Education (SHARE). This peer program tries to educate students, faculty, and the community about sexual reproduction, contraceptives, diseases and infections, and other sexual health education. This program really interested me because as a Latina, everywhere I look, I see the minority community being troubled by sexual health education. The rates of teenage pregnancy, infections, and diseases have dramatically been increasing within the minority community. To me, these increases are due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance. I strongly want to help my community and other minority communities to overcome obstacles and to strive to go to college. One of the biggest obstacles is “sex.” If I can educate others, then these people can pass the knowledge to others affecting the community in a positive way. With...
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