Experimental Design for Orange Juice, Vitamin C

Topics: Starch, Orange Juice, Titration Pages: 4 (950 words) Published: November 19, 2012
What Type of Orange Juice has the Most Vitamin C?


Question: What type of orange juice has the most vitamin c?

Hypothesis: Freshly squeezed orange juice will have the most vitamin C compared to the other types of orange juice and drinks, because the fruit is picked fresh, and it is not stored, preserved or exposed to oxygen.

i. Vitamin C Indicator Solution
a) One tablespoon of cornstarch
b) Water
c) 250 milliliters of boiling water
ii. Two percent iodine solution
iii. Medicine dropper.
iv. (6) Disposable pipettes.
v. (1) Stirring rod.
vi. Cheesecloth
vii. Distilled water
viii. Masking tape
ix. Permanent marker
x. Small funnel
xi. Chemical safety goggles
xii. Lab apron
xiii. Rubber (latex) gloves
xiv. Soluble starch
xv. 50 mL graduated cylinder
xvi. 500 mL graduated cylinder
xvii. 50 mL Ehrlenmeyer flask
xviii. 50 mL buret
xix. Ring stand
xx. Buret clamp
xxi. 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon,
xxii. Glass jars for iodine (300 mL) and starch solutions. xxiii. Sources of vitamin C:
a) (2) Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Pure and Natural Orange Juice (Bottled)
b) (2) (Frozen)
c) (2) Florida’s Natural Premium Orang Juice (Canned)

Independent Variable: Orange Juice: Frozen, Canned, and Bottled. `a)Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Pure and Natural Orange Juice (Bottled)
b) Tropicana Season’s Best Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate (Frozen)
c) Florida’s Natural Premium Orang Juice (Canned)
Dependent Variable: Amount of vitamin C in each cup. (mL)
Constants: Amount of orange juice, amount of solution put in each cup of orange juice.

i. Wear gloves, chemical safety goggles, and a lab coat or apron when using the iodine solutions in this experiment. ii. Dilute the solution 1:10 in distilled water to make your iodine titration solution. iii. Make a starch indicator...
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