Experiment Synopsis: Change of Vitamin C Level in Orange Juice

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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Paragraph 1 – Introduction
When I started researching science fair project ideas, I came across one that really caught my eye. The driving question, or topic, was “Does the level of vitamin C change over time in Orange Juice.” After I viewed the website, I got very excited because it had simple step-by-step instructions about how to test the level of vitamin C. On the following page are the directions. I think I am really excited to do this project because it sounds very interesting and fun to do. I hope to prove what the driving question/topic entails. Paragraph 2 – Background (5 Facts)

Vitamin C helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protect against heart disease, aid in the absorption of iron, prevent scurvy, and decrease total and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. •A lack of Vitamin C will cause these issues: fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches. •Daily intake of Vitamin C for adults is 90 mg per day for men and 75mg for women. •Vitamin C is easy to get through foods, as many fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables. •There are rarely any symptoms for over use of Vitamin C. Paragraph 3 – Current Research

Testing for vitamin C levels in different forms of orange juice is also a favorite science project for many students. •Orange juices made from frozen concentrated orange juice have the highest vitamin C levels as compared to freshly squeezed or not-from-concentrate juices. •Temperature and storage time affects the percent of vitamin C content of orange fruits and orange juice. •Vitamin C decreases during the ripening process of fruits. •Immature fruit has the highest levels.

Paragraph 4 – More Info
I am mostly modeling my research after an experiment. I am going to take pictures and hopefully display them on a science fair project display board. I am hoping to design and test the experiment in a classroom so that I have all of the necessary materials I need. Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

So my by the end of the project, I should...
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