Experiment: Properties of Gasses

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Flyne Anderson Experiment done - 30 September 2012 Report submitted - 02 October 2012

Chemistry 111 - Experiment 4 : Properties of Gasses Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is to learn about the properties of gasses, and identify them by their physical and chemical properties by combining different elements and observing how they react with each other, and outside influences.

I gathered my materials from the material list and set up my data table. I combined the zinc and HCl, then captured the Hydrogen that was produced and observed the combustion reaction with a flame. I then captured more hydrogen to use later in the experiment. I combined manganese with hydrogen peroxide which bubbled much the same as the zinc and HCl to produce oxygen. I observed the reaction of the oxygen with a burning ember. I then captured more oxygen in the bulb with the hydrogen, and observed itʼs reaction of extinguishing the flame. I then produced carbon dioxide in a few different ways. Put lime water in a well, mixed baking soda and vinegar, and observed the limewater turning murky and grey, an indication of CO2. Then did the same with a well of bromothymol blue which indicated an acid. I exposed this gas to a flame and the flame extinguished immediately. I then combined alka-seltzer and water, and inserted the gas into the lime water again. I then tested the CO2 from my breath with the lime water.

Data Table:
Gas Hydrogen Flame reaction Loud pop and flame extinguished Glowing splint Limewater reaction Bromothmol blue reaction

burst of red ember





Data Table:
Hydrogen & Oxygen loud pop and flame extinguished no reaction, flame went out

Carbon dioxide


bubbling, turned murky grey, formed CO2

bubbled, turned black/ green, then after a bit started sucking yellowish substance up into tube

Alka Seltzer



vigorously bubbled, water turned murky, then lime water turned very clear after a long...
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